Summer Flicks

An essential part of summer are the blockbusters, the big movies that become our future, favorite summer flicks

Sadly, not ALL of them will make it. 

Whether they fizzle out before they make it to the big screen or open with a lackluster performance that can’t possibly make back the investment from the studio and the producers or just don’t “capture” enough interest for multiple-weekend, chart-topping, staying power.

What draws us in are more than just the essential, best cut scenes of the :15, :30 and the (even better) extended, in-theater previews – it’s the word of mouth – intended or not.  

Did you see ______? 

Even if they didn’t LOVE it, the mere mention of it causes you to think about it and perhaps, to learn more until you cave in, buy your (reserved, recliner, stadium seating) tickets.

A mere $48 for the family matinee (2 adults & 2 kids – yea forget about trying to take your teenager to even Disney’s best of the summer flicks – she’ll go with friends…$12 each additional ticket) and each seat purchased adds to and continues to support the big business that goes with these summer movies. The real question is, how many people will see “the best” of the season and not think that it was “the best” – and then later think…was it really worth all the hype, the cost and allowing your kids to eat popcorn for breakfast? Maybe…maybe not.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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