Safe Holiday

We always want to have a safe holiday and the weekend started out pretty well with UBER promoting holiday revelers and their weekend’s cause marketing sponsor, MADD. Why drive when you can UBER in and out of the city, to and from your picnic, BBQ and even beach destination.

$20 off your first ride if you sign up with the MADD promotion.

$5 for every first time rider donated to MADD.

They made an impression with me and hopefully a countless number of new and returning customers.

Hoping that it was worth their while and they keep it up for the rest of the summer patriotic events, too.

With that in mind, I will say that the holiday weekend is ending on a good note, although there are still plenty of people who are yet to embark on their journey home. Hopefully, they are winding down a safe holiday, and if not taking advantage of the cause marketing special, they are certainly staying sober for the 50+ miles the average American will travel to get home.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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