If Your Life Was a Movie

If your life was a movie, what kind would it be?

  • A happy go lucky love story where there’s conflict and lack of communication and they secretly love each other but don’t find that out until the very end…which leaves the viewers, the onlookers and friends in your life, to believe it will be “happy ever after”?
  • A tragic, sad tale of death and loss set on some island far, far away but at least one of you has a lovely accent?
  • A reluctant heroine in her own coming of age story, full of teen angst yet the dialogue is clever and witty?
  • A 1980s teen, high school boy loves girl, girl loves other guy, who doesn’t know she exists and then they become friends only to realize that she really loves the first (oh, did I mention geeky) guy more because they were truly friends and understood each other completely? (No, that could never happen in a movie…she really likes the other guy who is also devastatingly handsome, at least in the eyes of an inexperienced 16 year old…) because she forgets him as soon as she graduates and goes to college for medical school.
  • A sci-fi, shootem’ up, gritty life on a deserted planet with nothing but farm equipment and a robot to get you home after your entire crew dies fighting the creature who “misunderstands” your landing on their planet as an attack?
  • A western, with love, guns, horses, camp fire stories, dusty trails and death – lots of death – but redemption by the good guys for the widow in the end?
  • A tear-jerker with a couple who couldn’t have children, but then finally do only to find out that one member of the family has a potentially genetically passed down degenerative disease?
  • A DC Comic remake with a cute but scary leading female who didn’t get the credit she deserved for being the heroine of the story by triggering action and positive outcome in many climactic fight scenes?
  • A story of parents who sacrefice their life and personal ambition for their children?
  • A money making scheme, not bank robbing per se, but the “good guys” get away with stealing other people’s stuff that they worked so hard to earn?
  • A murder-suicide where one of them is still alive in the end?
  • An artsy, esoteric, hard to understand (and not because it has subtitles, but because it is just too much thought behind every single little daily action) and therefore quite lonely film?

No matter what theme, story, or model, whether it were inspirational, tragic, comedic or average – your life is yours. 

It could only be better if your life were a movie, so you’d know how it ends and you could embrace the minutes and enjoy the days; living out loud every day without watching for the ultimate end…knowing that when the credits roll you have said everything you wanted to say to everyone you ever loved before your last dying breath. Yea. That would be interesting…but life doesn’t work that way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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