Still Things To Do

As we wait for a solution to get us out of our homes and back to working “as usual” there are still things to do.

We need to make meals for the family to eat (which is more often, but all together, so while there are more dishes, they are dirtied at the same time.)

We need to do the laundry (seemingly more than usual.)

We need to put away the heavy blankets and sweaters and find the short sleeves (even though we have had a few overnight frost warnings.)

We need to exercise, more than usual, to help combat stress (the stress eating, especially all of the snacks consumed while binge watching movies.)

We need to talk to each other, face to face (not just all of those people in the rectangles on our screens and in our ear pieces.)

We need to stay connected with family and friends who are not face to face (over text, e-mail, Facebook and yes, even video calls no matter how often we feel compelled to adjust our hair.)

Life as it is today goes on, there are still things to do, every day, normal life things to do. Plus, if we are so inclined or capable, to come up with ways to help speed up the process. If you have figured out a solution – speak up – I am sure there are people willing to listen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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