How Late Is Too Late

In these recent days where we have lost a sense of normalcy, how late is too late?

If normal delivery windows – even for the over night shippers and same day providers – are no longer the expectation, how do we judge the boundaries?

  • How late can “just in time” delivery be?
  • How late – in the evening – can the carrier ring the front bell?

If a normal day’s schedule – even for things as rigid as work and school – are no longer enforced, how do we ensure we are meeting expectations?

  • How late can the kids stay up?
  • How late can you wake up in the morning and still be on time when you work from home?

If we care for our family and friends and want them to know it, how can we let them know?

  • How late can your birthday card and/or gift arrive?
  • How late can you wish someone a happy anniversary?

How late is too late for your presentation, homework, groceries, paper supplies, birthday gifts and cards? At this moment…I am mostly pretty happy that they get done or arrive at all. I know the acceptable perception will change, the longer we are in this temporary situation… So, we better get better at planning ahead or get ourselves out of this mess. We will have to rethink the lead time, or continue to be disappointed relying on what we have come to know and expect.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I am not picking on any retailer, online or brick & mortar, nor the shippers…though this image was an intriguing one and since he looked a little sad, I thought he was fitting for the sentiment.

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