Pressure to Perform

If you think life is difficult, imagine the pressure to perform at the Olympics.

These people, so many of them, who are young kids, mature as they are, still…so very young. They have dedicated their entire life to this one sport, to this one short window and the one competition.

They call it the Olympic Games.

It’s not a game. 

It’s their ambition, their dream and their every wish to make it to the ultimate win. A bronze, silver or gold medal. Listening and singing along to the anthem being played while their countries flag is raised above their heads in their honor.

As we watch, from the sidelines, at home on our couch – we can only watch in awe. Gasp. Sigh. Get tense…relax and whoop for joy.

They are out there, sometimes all alone, just pushing themselves to be better and to learn, so they can improve even nuances of change.

There is another group with pressure to perform, we just may not think of them this way. They are the announcers for our very own television broadcast. Similar to the athletes, they too have tried for years to get where they are. Their every move, word, action – recorded and on air. As professionals (vs amateur athletes) they don’t get a pass when they fail. We judge them, their commentary and their statements. As we probably should; they should do better, be better and if they can’t say something with clarity, professionalism or kindness they should just smile and turn the mike over to the athlete. At least their words may be hindered by emotion, exertion or effort. Please, don’t ask them that stupid question. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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