Cyber Everyday

This year, we are not just seeing the usual post-Thanksgiving specials, like Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday online specials…it is literally becoming “cyber everyday” with more deals added, extended to Tuesday and beyond…pretty much all week long this week.

  • I am not 100% sure if these extended sales were planned out in advance – but, probably they were even though they just called it “still celebrating Cyber Monday, or now it’s Cyber Tuesday! Tada! (How creative…)
  • I am not sure if the promotions were budgeted (but they probably were, along with the inventory to support it, just in case) and they will still make money
  • Not sure if they still have inventory for those who did not shop. (It’s a risk, someone has to stop the madness and stick to their budget.)
  • In the end, there is still time. All. Week. Long. Oh, and for the majority of the month of December, too.

Apparently, not everyone watched the Year in the Life special Gilmore Girls (but Netflix sales are way, up, so maybe they watched on their iPad, but shopped on their laptop or phone, or watched on their phone and shopped on their tablet? Or maybe… oh, just watch the show already, will you?)

Yes, mobile shopping is way up this year, too according to Adobe Data. What’s even more interesting, 10 companies accounted for over 80% of the holiday sales. Amazon, Target and Netflix are on that list, sadly so is Walmart, (you can’t say no to the deal can you?)

Here are today’s headlines about the holiday as per USA Today’s Money cover page:

Retail sales were up over 9.7% vs the same day last year (2015) which equated to more than $3 billion in sales. On. Just. One. Day. (Note: As of this evening, the online version of the paper reports this number was actually 12.3% and reached nearly 3.5 Billion! Again, all of this just for Monday 11/28/16!)

This is the eleventh year for online retailers promoting their sales on Monday, aka Cyber Monday, but perhaps they were worried about the same results from last year and they decided to continue the push to help gift givers save…adding Cyber Tuesday (will there be a Cyber Wednesday when we awake in the morning? Or, will they just come clean and tell everyone the sales last all week?)

I can’t wait to see my inbox tomorrow. There is still time…

Don’t they know that there is already an opportunity to shop online or “cyber” everyday…maybe not with 50% off, but probably 40% off inventory. For those who still don’t have their children’s Letter to Santa, I hope that they get what they want (or maybe, just what they need…) I hear Lego sets, Shopkins and PlayStation 4 are all the rage and I thought it was just new clothes that they wanted; or a super fast gaming computer, which I am certain will NOT be on any cyber special deal, ever, but a girl (or a boy) can dream can’t they?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

USA Today Money

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