Stay Focused

When you stay focused, you get a lot more done.

So many things today can be distracting.

It used to be just the co-workers in the office who would stop by and ask you a question and talk for a half hour. It was the right thing to do, to answer their questions… and help them. But, it derailed your efforts.

Then, it was having kids, and being asked for help with homework. Trying to remember the formula for a basic math function or a chemistry balance equation you forgot promptly after junior year chem. Also, valuable…making sure they didn’t freak out for something that clearly wouldn’t be important to know 20 years (who are we kidding, 30 years) later.

Now, working from home, it is:

  • the kids
  • the dog
  • the laundry
  • the lawn guys next door
  • the lawn guy at home
  • the dinner that you should make before 8PM (again)
  • the rain and you left the windows open – gotta shut them because it is coming in sideways
  • the general decluttering from week after week of paper (some flyers, some bills and the occasional thank you card) being delivered to the house by USPS letter carriers
  • the list of endless things that can be distracting (e-mail, texts, alerts, you name it)

Plus – the constant Zoom (video conference calls) whether for work, family or the non-profit you volunteer to help – you are always on.

Always looking, multi-tasking and doing what you can to stay on top of – everything.

It helps a lot if you stay focused…but remember to focus on what matters more. What matters most. Take time off. Take a walk. Take a break. You will never regret the moments when you just breathe and relax; especially if they are spent with the people you love.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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