Start Again

A little shout out to Piluso’s Deli down the street. They have just decided to start again…and I want you to try them out. Here’s a bit of the back story and why I want you to trust them.

A long time deli owner from another town opened it originally but for whatever reason, didn’t think that it was a great spot for his brand. (I don’t know exactly. Their food was good, maybe the volume wasn’t quite what he’d expected from the name he brought to town. My experience believes that it could have been that his posted hours weren’t followed or that he sent out deliveries to the wrong address.)

So, give or take a month later, someone new took over the place, changed the name and reopened the doors; however, they didn’t quite do it ALL the right way. (Someone was always smoking out front. Their food wasn’t quite as fresh as you’d want it to be. They were often out of stock.) So, they’re gone…I am not sure that it was even a year.

The new owner (and operator) also owns the building. He knows food. He knows customer service. He knows how to run a business. He does not have to start again, but he needs to reset the perspective of the people, the town and the former customers. He might need to reimage the deli, change the name and do some advertising to get the new story out there, but for now, I am happy to try and help kick start that for him. Check it out.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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