Stand On the Shoulders

Being able to stand on the shoulders of someone who went before you – forging a path and making your way easier – is a bonus. Anything that can help you get where you’re going is probably a good idea.

  • Follow their tracks in the snow
  • Open your restaurant after another respected chef moved theirs to a new location
  • Take the place of a retiring dentist, buying their practice & their patient list
  • Sign a contract with a franchise brand
  • Learn from an expert and apply their successful tactics, process and methods

Stand on the shoulders of someone who knows more than you do to kick start your journey. Get there faster. Break even quicker. Attract loyal customers sooner. Be happier that you took a risk – without the new venture being too risky… someone else has been there, in your shoes walking this same path before you and that is absolutely OK.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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