Staggering Works

It isn’t a coincidence that taking the time to organize things in an orderly fashion, they will fit better. Stacked, aligned and even staggering works.

In fact, depending on the shape of the things, the people even, it works better than being all lined up, in neat single file rows.

More leg room.

More sweeping arm movement space.

No worries about colliding with another yogi, or student; whatever you are in this moment in time.

It isn’t a negative thing in any way, shape or form. Staggering works – just listen to the instructor, they know what they’re talking about beyond the breath, the movement and the poses. If you want the most physical benefit from taking the class, and less stress worrying about your neighbor – which is probably an important reason for taking the class in the first place – don’t line up all in a row.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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