A Rainbow of Paper

Back to school and it really doesn’t get much better than the displays at the stationery store. The pens, pencils, markers and oh, look a rainbow of paper.

  • It just makes you want to buy more.
  • More than you need.
  • More than anyone needs, probably.
  • Definitely more than I need…since I still have stock from last year.

Which I did not know until I got home to put it away.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying not 1, not 2…and no, I didn’t stop at 3, it was a whopping 4 packages of college ruled, 3-hole punched paper.

There really is nothing as exciting as the beginning of a new year. Making it a fresh start. Getting back to organizing. Keeping it fun, easy to find and distinctive for each subject (or client.)

Boring as it might be to some, still quiet exciting…to me. Agreed that it is not as exciting as a rainbow of paper for decorating, origami and…making us smile. Every color in the world is now in the closet, just in case we need it. If you do, let me know.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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