Spring Bunnies

Who ever came up with the phrase spring chickens probably wasn’t counting on spring bunnies running all over the yard.

They are:

  • festive.
  • eager.
  • active.
  • fast.
  • adorable.
  • clever.
  • thieves (eating your young plants and greens.)

You wouldn’t look at a bunny, normally, and think all of those things, but they are all true. Spring is just one season where they show their true nature.

We have had them in our yard since we bought our house. Then, a few years later, enjoyed them even more as we watched our first daughter, barely a few months after she could walk, chase them through the yard. Both of them, darting back and forth, in an effort to escape (catch) the girl (the bunny.)

Hours of entertainment, joy and laughter.

Spring bunnies remind me of youth and tons of energy. It also makes me think that exercise is the way to go…but, you can’t catch one, even if you are 3 and full of energy. As an adult, if you try, you can certainly lose that extra 5 pounds of winter weight, even if you don’t catch one.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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