Somewhere in Between

We went out yesterday, my mom and my daughter to an outdoor mall of sorts. It was a bit too chilly to be walking around outside. The idea had been to enjoy a bit of spring weather, out of doors, while we were on spring break. The drizzle and chilly temperature made us go into stores that we may not have been attracted to at first glance. We needed a store, one that met us – all three of us – somewhere in between our ages.

It was a shame.


There were the stores where the sales associates were on us immediately: “Can I help you?” and “We just received some new spring items, here and here and oh, yes, over here, too. Do you see anything you like?” and “All winter items are $10! They are quite a bargain, would you like to buy anything from this selection?”

Overwhelming; the clothes and the attention.

By contrast; the one store where the woman was on the phone the entire time. Not a single “Hello” or “I’m here to answer any questions you may have,” nor “I’ll be right with you.” We had indeed found a store that was somehow eclectic enough to meet all of our needs in terms of fashion, personality and interests, but that woman didn’t even talk to us.

I know she wasn’t the owner, but she wasn’t “associating” nor “selling” and those two activities were the primary reasons why she was an employee. Somewhere in between was what we needed. (I actually had a question for her about an item for sale that I wanted to buy. Oh well, never-mind…)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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