New Office!

I can’t even begin to say how excited I am. I am getting a new office! It has been on the “re-image project list” for a long time.

As we had children and brought new family members into our home, my office became secondary to the every day life…moving, each time into a new space, making room for my desk and files. Each time, we have made it work because it was important to me. This last move; however, has been the most challenging. It meant a whole new image of our first floor. One that has been bothering me for almost 2 years. (I share a home office with our old dining room – which is not a dining room any more, as you can imagine!) Who needs a formal dining room, anyway?

Today, my very dear friend – who is also a professional organizer – came to assess the space and all the “stuff”. Like many people, I have a lot. (My family has a lot of stuff, too which somehow – not too surprisingly – into my home office.) It has to go…and a professional organizer is on the list of part-time, outsourced staff I need for my company.

I am committed to working from home for the long haul and the space needs to be re-purposed to the tasks at hand. I also want it to look like it the functions it serves. Professional. Organized. Inspiring. Relaxing.

While an office in the “middle of the house” may not be ideal, it will work – I have faith in the people who are helping me re-image my work space… between Renee and I – we will bounce ideas off of each other – and she will help me hire those people we need to get the project done. (Painters, electricians, handyman service…movers?!) She will help me make the hard decisions that many don’t like to make…like getting rid of the things that don’t serve us anymore. From the paperwork school sent home to the old client files I can archive…she and I are going to collaborate, creatively, allowing form to follow function and make my new office into an amazing space.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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