The Signs Say

As we made our way around the area for the past week, I noticed a lot of places that announced their plans for the holiday. The signs say:

  • Closed Easter Sunday
  • Closed for Passover and Easter. Happy Holidays!
  • Open Easter Sunday 11AM-4PM
  • Open Saturday, Closed For the Holiday
  • Taps open. Kitchen is Closed. Stop in for a pint & say hi to Alex.

Having been an owner of a business with our doors open for Easter and Passover, I appreciate both messages. I also appreciate the choice of being able to go somewhere that is open to celebrate – or to be home so that others can enjoy their own celebration.

I think that the signs say a lot more than is written on the placard. We appreciate our customers and we are letting you know where we stand for the holiday…and:

  • We are closed to enjoy time with our family and friends for the holiday.
  • We are open, please bring your family and friends and enjoy your holiday with us.

Happy Easter & a continued Happy Passover – enjoy your time with friends and family…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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