Some Things Just Work

In the end, some things just work out even though you cannot control a lot of things.

Many things, like…

the weather.

or, someone else’s actions.

or, temporary chalk markings.

or, the timing of the traffic lights.

or, the calibration of a residential oven.

or, how quickly a cake will cool to be ready for icing.

or, whether or not the squirrels will eat your Jack-O-Lantern before Halloween.

or, the recognition of your costume – even if it isn’t that off-beat from the mainstream.

Then again, some things just work without you doing a single thing.  Other times you agree to show up and lend a hand. If you do… you probably have to listen to others, they might know more than you do, sometimes. It takes a lot of people to make the big events happen – and sometimes you just have to hope that the things you can’t control don’t take over. When nature and your community supports you, almost anything can happen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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