At The Pumpkin Patch

There can be some late nights at the pumpkin patch.

Not just to save the harvest from a frost either…just regular, every day, in the middle of the season, evenings.

I drove by one at dusk today and thought that they were open rather late for a farm stand…but, do they have a choice?

Their season is quickly coming to an end.

After Halloween, the pumpkin decor season is over and, then it is all about pies.  But, do the pie people come and buy up the unwanted and discarded Jack-O-Lantern base products, or not?

So, while we may all be nostalgic and sentimental about the farmer, with their big properties, beautiful sunsets and tax credits; their life is anything but easy.

A farmer may, or may not tell you…You have to make hay while the sun shines and so goes the way at the pumpkin patch. Frigid, frosty, frozen toes (and fingers) under the dim lights at the barn – until every last orange squash has been hand-selected by a happy, little, trick-or-treater…monster, or princess, or astronaut, or m+m, or zombie, or super hero, or obscure movie character (named Heather) or any number of other brilliantly cute, clever or traditional costume of make-believe proportions…and their parents. It’s nearly Halloween out there folks, don’t wait too much longer. You have to carve it soon!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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