So Simple Yet Complicated

Kids are so simple yet complicated

They can’t make up their minds, until they do and then without rationale – just emotion – and a short amount of historical precedence for justification.

Does that matter?

No, because they are kids. They just want to be happy.

Now, grocery stores, on the other hand – are not necessarily a retailer that you want to look to for precedence. They have a low margins, thus the – generally – low customer service standards. It is why they don’t have to go above and beyond for their customers. Plus, they have to meet the government minimums and maximums for products that limit their ability to profit where others – like independent smaller retailers and even convenience stores – don’t have the same limitations.

That said, in order for them to be able to compete, against the other grocers, they have to capture as much of the market share and local purchases as they can. To do that, they keep it seemingly straightforward and so simple yet complicated at the same time – in their layout, in their pricing promotions and in their store merchandising. Anything that they can do to garner just one additional, high margin purchase, is what keeps them in business; and they do that over and over and over again with every customer that they can. It is even better if they keep them happy; one obscure, specialty item in stock, at a time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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