Fill The Schedule

If you have direct labor and overhead that you want to cover in your business, you may need to fill the schedule – that is, of course – if you are a scheduling based business.

Today, an e-mail came out to all members…announcing, in big bold letters:

Available Appointments TODAY Only. Local Spa.

I thought wow, I was literally just thinking I was overdue. They must have heard me thinking I needed to call them. When I called Рtheir phone was busy.

Oh, man, I thought, I missed it.

Their tactic worked. It always works…or, maybe it doesn’t. But even if it works just a little bit, then a little bit more busy is way better than not being busy at all.

Workers who have no work get bored and frustrated, especially if they make more money on tips.

Some workers will allow a little bit of boredom, to allow them to recharge after a busy, stressful time, but for just a little bit. If it goes on too long, then, they quit.

Their e-mail, well, it worked. I was able to remember to dial back in and see if they had an opening, they said “Yes. We are working to fill the schedule – and, yes, we can fit you in today if 6PM works. It does, and it did. Sometimes it is the little things that work out, other days, not so much, but for this girl, Tuesday was a good day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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