But, It Is Free

But, it is free…they said as they let the baby duck go.

It wasn’t free to begin with, and then again, we aren’t talking about ducks – or are we?

The argument you have in your head does not mean you need to acquiesce.

Yes, it is free – but:

  • you need my e-mail, or
  • my phone number, and then
  • you will know who I am…
  • or, I will have to pay for it some how later with a future purchase.

Or, no:

  • I don’t want it even if it is free, or
  • it is free with a purchase:
  • one that you were going to make anyway.
  • In fact, it is more than free, it is saving you $15 per month.
  • That just doesn’t mean you are getting money back.

When they say are you sure, and you still say no – they say “but, it is free” and it really isn’t free at all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS And, back to the duck – this can also mean that if an animal was raised in captivity, being set free is a nightmare and certain death. This isn’t all of that…but it still isn’t something that is desirable.


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