Slow Down

In some ways, can we just slow down – if even just a little bit?

  • Take a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee, or a second cup in the morning.
  • Take a break in between one call or another.
  • Take the time to plant the flowers, watch them grow and breathe in deeply their sweet smell.
  • Take a few minutes for the cool down after the work out, reset your body and your mind.
  • Take a look out the window, whether it is to see wet, giant snowflakes coming down after a 76 degree pre-spring day or watching the wind blow gently in the leaves on the trees.
  • Take a walk, don’t drive.
  • Take the time to cook, from scratch, and let the flavors meld together creating something to savor and hopefully you will have leftovers.
  • Take the time to smile, say “how was your day?” and really listen to the answer.

It is time, now. Do it. Slow down. Take time off. Sit on the couch and hang out. Go for lunch with a friend. Take that vacation. Life is far to short to be running at it, a mile a minute always trying to keep up.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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