Sleepless in NY

Seattle doesn’t have anything on being sleepless in NY.

Maybe it was the double espresso mocha latte at 5pm. Maybe it was the third iced tea at dinner.  (I really missed iced tea in Ireland and Paris.)

Maybe it’s getting up too early and being out too late and knowing that there is so much more that can be accomplished when you don’t sleep 6-8 hours per night.

As you age you need less. Sleep, that is.

I’m calling for backup. I need sleep. I can get up early and stay out late… But, not so many nights in a row. So, after binge watching Lifetime (yes, that is, indeed how sleepless I am) I am beginning to think that I am not the only one.

There was not one or two, or three or four but 5 different brand commercials for sleep aids.

From ZQuill to Melatonin or a more “natural option” – yet one more three-pete show, Season X Episodes 1, 2 and 3 that start again in an hour – there are probably better ways to be sleepless in NY. In fact. It is NY, so I am 1000% sure there’s something better to do and I guess there’s always tomorrow to get some sleep.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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