Since When

Since when does everything have to be so absolute and negative when one person does something that the public doesn’t like? Why is there such outrage in our world today? Is life really that bad?

  • An employee does something imperfect…a mistake if you will, a judgement call that goes awry – no one steps in to make it better and the situation escalates – now a company of 27,000 world-wide locations – takes the hit.
  • A teenager, does a teenage thing, and doesn’t live it down for the rest of their life because it was videoed or screenshoted or posted on a chat room wall. They’re not even 18 yet, and it wasn’t illegal or even immoral, just pretty stupid. 
  • A driver, accidentally spills their coffee on their lap, swerves into the other lane and gets honked at and flipped off and generally ostracized for what quite literally did not become an accident.

What happend to “Keep Calm and Carry On”?  Since when are people so tense that every little thing is a big thing? Get a grip people, this is life, it is not perfect, it isn’t supposed to be. Just go with the flow, relax and take a  breath. It will all be fine once YOU calm down. Maybe you don’t actually have enough caffeine in your life, or maybe you have too much, or maybe you have never – ever, once in your life made a mistake. You are not even human you’re so perfect. Can’t wait for the rest of your kind to take over…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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