Know Just Enough

Sometimes, it seems like we know just enough about a subject to be dangerous. Dangerous in the way that we won’t actually cause harm, but we may not be able to fully deliver on the topic without sounding pretentious:

  • rules of the game or sport
  • current trending news topic
  • government policy
  • national event of some significance
  • history of the world or even your own country

There are so many specialized fields now, with deep knowledge available about every single topic available in books, but even more so, apparently (at least) online.

Whether it is current events or specialized industries in business – it is helpful to know just enough to have a casual conversation – like at a happy hour. Yet, there is a vast difference between happy hour casual chit chat and having enough information or depth of knowledge to be a credible source.  You are, of course, encouraged to have an opinion – so just say…in my humble opinion and then, no one can call you out on it. Be ready to admit when you don’t know, and you just want to know what they think.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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