Simmer Don’t Boil

Tonight’s recipe had specific instructions that relates, just a bit, to the last few days blogs…remember to simmer don’t boil.

You don’t want your shrimp (or chicken) to be overcooked, but instead stay very tender.

Great advice.

It was.

We had patience. We kept the temp on the pan at a low to medium flame and adjusted. When we started to see bubbles in our red curry, we turned it down.

Then, when it was getting too cool, we turned it up a notch. Just a tiny little bit.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that life is like cooking.

At least, sometimes.

Important life advice is to just simmer don’t boil over…even when something is bothering you; just let it go a bit longer. Maybe it will just resolve itself. Turning up the heat and getting angry is sure to bring it to a head, and it might be much (much) more than you are ready to handle at this very moment. Plus, if it is just a matter of timing – something that wouldn’t bother you if you weren’t quiet so busy, then let it just simmer off to nothing…fading away into a distant memory.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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