Adapt and Adjust

The most contented are probably those who can adapt and adjust on the fly.

Change often throws the agenda, schedule, and perfectly aligned timing of a day out the window.

Whether it is the weather events that delay openings or arrivals, the call that ran too long, or the child who just can’t get up in the morning…anything and everything can happen to try to wreck your day.

A solution?

Try yoga.

Or, since that may require more than you have time to do just now, try to be flexible and go with the flow.

You will probably be happier.

Also, if we can adapt and adjust with a moments notice, you will probably find that you are being noticed, appreciated and valued. If not…make your point known that you are supporting their initiatives and it won’t continue to happen if it happens over and over and over again (except for your kids and elders, you love them and that is why you do it for them…)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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