Hard Boiled Eggs and Bunnies

As we approach Easter, which is pretty late this year, I have to wonder what do hard boiled eggs and bunnies have in common.

I mean, really?

The myths and stories of the bunnies bringing gifts of brightly colored eggs and treats must go back centuries…yet, children even back in the 1800s must have known that eggs were related to chickens. Plus, they would have known you boiled them for a very specific reason.

I am sure that some asked…and were told what most children are told…if you don’t believe, you will not get gifts.

And, so, you believed. 

All for a chocolate bunny…which we know is more likely to be related to jelly beans. (Also, worth waiting till Easter morning to receive in my opinion…maybe more than the chocolate bunny, even ones with solid, milk chocolate ears.)

So, it’s kind of funny, but here we are and we have dyed, hard boiled eggs, and bunnies don’t even lay eggs, let alone arms to carry them. If anyone knows, please be sure to tell your grown children so that they have a better explanation for their curious kids…and saves someone the tedious research on Google…which may or may not bring accurate and reliable sources. Thank you in advance for your insight and bunny lore expertise.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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