Shoes For Change

I don’t mean shoes for change, as in the cost, such as fifty cents, but really more about shoes and shoe companies that change peoples lives.

I just ordered a couple of pairs of Tom’s and while they are super comfortable and I purchased them to “back fill” my old ballet slippers (I finally had to retire those old ones), I chose them because the company really does a lot to generate brand loyalty or at least to encourage it.

I’ll sum up:

  1. Share this sticker – proudly display it.
  2. Host a “style your sole” party.
  3. Screen their documentary.
  4. Go barefoot for one day.
  5. Share your story online.

and not mentioned, but in my case, buy them for my kids who will definitely be brand loyal…and then, I will blog about it – like tonight.

I am not sure that people really love the shoes more than any others, but people wear them.

They like the “one for one” idea (which is printed inside my shoe, I never noticed this before.) Plus, I bought them on sale, like nearly half price, since they were last year’s style – ballet slipper design doesn’t change much year over year, and they will still make and give a pair to someone else because of my purchase. I like that. Others do, too.

I would think that they could make these shoes for change, as in just a handful of quarters (maybe between $5 and $10 and I think I’m being generous) but that isn’t the point, now is it? The reality is that they can build a brand, make shoes, change people’s lives and still sell them half off to people through a close out sale. That’s quite a skill.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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