Shoe Shopping

I would normally be so excited to go shoe shopping

But, back to school shopping for shoes, especially, just… stinks. (Literally and figuratively – all those kids on a hot summer afternoon, taking off their older, worn out from last year’s school days and all of those hot days of summer.)

We bought the kids new sneakers in the spring when our local “old-timey” shoe store was closing due to retirement (or maybe it was also partially the rent being raised once too many, yea, maybe that had something to do with it, too – but he put in his time that’s for sure – he deserves to retire.) Of course, those “spring” shoes don’t fit anymore and they’re kind of grubby after trekking through Ireland, Paris and all of our summer adventures (not worn camping or in the lake but still – they. need. to. go.)

I’ll miss our shoe guy. He was the best… He

  • Measured.
  • Fit.
  • Adjusted.
  • Made mole skin spacers for thin footed kids so their feet wouldn’t slide around and get blisters.
  • Slyly told the kids that their preferred style was “Out of Stock” in their size when he knew it would be the wrong shape for their toes, arch or the way that particular design and fit would affect their stride.

I love my local big box retailers and specialty shoe stores, but shoe shopping for me is entirely different than scrounging for size, style or a pair matching the coolest models on display, for your less-than-enthused, still in summer-mode, kids. Avoid it as long as you can… You’ll be happy and they will be even happier! I have high hopes for next year being better – don’t you?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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