It’s The Process

I am nearly certain that I have written about process… specifically that it’s the process that matters.

If you can consistently perform work and produce both quality AND quantity of work while allowing (aka teaching, showing, instructing, supporting and mentoring) others to follow your method of doing things, then you really have something.

We can argue – us marketers – that it’s about the brand or the reputation or the word of mouth referrals we have earned… but really, a lot of what makes all of that work is the way the product or the service is produced every single time.

I know this is not really like rocket science, where the process really, (and I mean, really) matters, but even making jam or sandwiches, or pants or printing the documents sent to you for printing – are truly dependent on the way the job, assignment or the work is handled.

I just am amazed that things often come together in spite of a lack of organization, a bit of luck as it were.

But when we have done this same thing, over and over and OVER again… and things go wrong, it’s the process that failed. Don’t blame the messenger and don’t hassle the client. Make it work within your organization and then we will just believe that you are magicians and you simply wave your magic wand resulting in…Voila – perfection.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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