She Sounded So Sure

You may know her…When she spoke, she sounded so sure of herself.

  • Today, there are no events remaining on the calendar. (In fact, there were 2 events yet to happen.)
  • Today, the forecast for snow is 100% with an accumulation of 0.78 inches. (In fact, there are 2 to 3 inches already on the ground.)
  • Monday is a President’s Day, a holiday and government offices, banks and schools will be closed. (All true, except for TD Bank, which apparently is open this Monday and college is also in session.)

1 out of 3, that’s pretty bad.

Confidence is definitely something to share, but accuracy is so much more valuable in terms of credibility. Of course, she is Alexa (or Siri, or Google) and the voice is female, but she is all AI. While she sounded so sure of herself, she is just using the inputs provided and the information used still leaves a little bit to be desired. All you have to do is remember, bad info in equals bad info out. Has nothing to do with her or him, as in women or men, but has everything to do with quality information being provided, by whomever is providing it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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