Commercial Philosophy

I am intrigued – just a bit – by the commercial philosophy by the different on demand channels.

There is the single sponsor, single focused advertising model like ABC on demand. Showing the same commercial over and over and over again – even 3 in a row.  Not a series, story telling concept, but the same :30 ad repeated. While you may think you know your demographic, if you are wrong, this will just completely turn the viewer off from whatever brand, product or service you are selling. I will share the cruise ship with you, and pass along the image, just in case you would be interested. I however, will never be intrigued by that and can’t actually remember which brand it was – sadly – as I tend to be good at that sort of thing.

There is the completely variant messaging, product and service model that NBC uses on demand; clearly different for This Is Us than Jimmy Fallon and totally unique for the Olympics.  Emotional, caring family stories about laundry, food, sporting goods, appliances, cars, t-shirts…yup they’re all over the place.

Then there are the YouTubes of the world; which have a totally emerging model, similar to the internet, but with regular shows, that could be dubbed the fight for control of the “on-demand” title. I should think their commercial philosophy will continue to evolve, adopting both eventually, while refining their communications. I mean channels, I mean oh, whatever.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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