Negative Space

All around us is negative space – in the words of what people say, in the thoughts of your mind when you don’t focus on the positive, when you can’t even see what has been “written” on the wall.

Strictly speaking of the visual, what do you see in the image?

I stared at the image for a long while before I got it.

Then, I lost it. Then, I found it again.

Sort of like what happens when things around you are not top of mind, something else is happening and becomes the primary focus.

We all have negative space in which we (sometimes) wallow…we allow ourselves to go there, but we should lift up, look around, open our eyes and see all of the beauty that is meant to be seen. All the love, all of the kindness and all of the happiness that we can both give and receive. I choose, instead to focus on the positive and know that everything, in the end, will be okay – different, and probably better than it was before.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Now do you see it?

PPS No one is supposed to be a dog in this scenario.


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