Share the Warmth

On the coldest of days, they are nothing when you have a close friend with whom you can share the warmth

  • of a blanket
  • with a true and genuine smile
  • looking out over the world
  • being together
  • trading stories
  • hanging out
  • sharing your take on a book
  • or, watching a movie
  • spending time off
  • being friends
  • establishing common ground
  • admiring and being amazed at the grandeur of space

Friendship can mean so many things, but sharing the warmth of a true friend, is life-reaffirming. Look for one who shines a light on you so bright that you have no choice but to bask in the glory of…your combined strengths, knowledge, passion, dedication and established trust. Then, you can look no further, being thankful for each other…if another comes along, and then another, just make room. Continue to expand the circle, be thankful, happy and satisfied. This is life. Ain’t life grand.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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