Seriously, It’s Cold Outside

Keep the babies inside, seriously, it’s cold outside!

The song just comes to mind, whenever I go out, this is far, far too early for single digits – or even steady days in the 30s.

There are so many reasons why I think the boycotting of the song is wrong.

  • Taking away agency of the women.
  • Setting a bad example for young women to be dependent on others for why (or how) things go wrong.
  • You can’t blame others for your own judgement.


This world is just getting too sensitive to things.

Songs are songs. Do you think that one song is really about that guy by that girl…did he really think this song was about him…?

The reality is that seriously, it’s cold outside and far too cold for December and even worse is the pacifier in the babies mouth…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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