Not Random but Unexpected

In town tonight was our annual tree lighting event, quaintly called Dickens Night – and more formally – Charles Dickens Night). Seeing so many wonderful friends there tonight was exactly what I needed…totally not random but unexpected and a fabulous surprise.

The first seven days of December have been jam-packed with event after event. I have been double booked for most of these days, but making the most of the time and squeezing in as much as possible; perhaps short changing a bit here and there, but doing the best that can be done.

The rest of this month might very well be the same. The closing to the 2018 year will definitely be a busy one and I would expect nothing less from life.

I am especially grateful for the countless humans I am lucky enough to call friends…the ones who will be where I am, often; helping me create not random but unexpected little vignettes for my life’s memories. All I ask for Christmas from you is to keep sharing the hugs, the kisses, the jokes, the laughs, and the tears (but just occasionally – and only when they are completely necessary.) There should always be time for well-wishes…for Merry everythings, for sharing the Happiest of Holidays and of course, for lighting up the Christmas tree so that everyone can have a little more magic in their lives.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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