Send the News

Be sure to send the news

  • outstanding is best
  • good is, well, good
  • bad is the worst.
    • repeating the bad is even worse…

Sometimes you don’t want to talk about the things that are not going well; you feel as though everything has to be:

  • “good.”
  • “fine.”
  • “okay, you?”
  • “great!”

That is not the case. You can share the truth, send the news, no matter what – they will be okay with it and you will be all the more better than you were holding back. Just make sure that it is the truth. Not embellished. Not made to be more dramatic. Not truncated. Not leading someone to believe something other than what is really true. Then, move on and tell a new, different (and even better) story.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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