Read the Fine Print

I am not one for politics, but – if you read the fine print, you may find out some new details.

It is sort of – but not really – like the terms of service. Small font, complicated language, a lot of things that you just have to accept if you want to use the software, Apple device or app. You don’t have to use any of those things, but if you want to, you have to say “I accept”.

It is sort of – but not really – out of your control. You can do your research. There are places you can go to find the facts not just the media clips, blurbs and marketing pitches. You don’t have to believe (or trust) what the postcards or the signs and the television ads tell you.

It is sort of – but not really – a non-partisan issue. If you think about what everyone really wants, there are a lot of things that are the same, it is a subtle difference – for the most part, that separates the people from being on one side or another. If you really stop and take the time to TALK to the people you know, love and care about you may find you are more aligned if you take the party out of the conversation.

Do not blame anyone else, do not be mad or just ready to move, or even to wait for another two years until the change can come. You are in control, you can make a difference and it can be better. Read the fine print and then, maybe you can help the future. Go and vote but do your own research; don’t just blindly follow the path of your party. Oh, and did I fail to mention, there are nuances to everything and there is always more than one issue to an election, just like there is always another side to their story.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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