New acronyms show up all the time, and while I didn’t research this one: TFF, but, I think that many will agree with the meaning.

Thankful For Friends.

  • They take effort to cultivate.
  • Friendships need to be nurtured forever and ever.
  • They are not automatically earned after we get through Kindergarten and elementary school grades.
  • Time spent, listening, sharing being open and honest is essential.
  • Being able to flex and adjust is part of the role.

I am saying TFF. For my friends. From the ones we keep from our childhood, to the ones we make in our own families, or from our spouse’s tree. Also remember the ones found and retained from college, work, and community building or those adopted while raising our kids. (Sometimes, those last ones are the most interesting – the kids may not stay close – but we do and we are all the more enriched for having formed those special bonds.) I am thankful for friends, and for all varieties of them.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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