Self Awareness

There are lots of things that people do really well…many things that they do OK and some that they don’t really have the capacity to do – at all. Knowing what you can and can’t do on your own is sometimes difficult, but if you can be objective and have self awareness of the differences it is a very good thing.

Being uber focused on one area of expertise is why so many people are successful as business owners. You are creative, you can look at the minute details and solve problems that people didn’t even know they had. But, let’s be honest with ourselves and own up to the reality that you have a problem – you can not do everything. Your staff – or the one you should hire – can do the things that you cannot possibly find time to do.

Relish in your ability to be amazing. Have ultimate clarity using that laser vision you have on what you need to do to grow and to be productive, but also, keep your eyes wide open for people who can help you where you are weakest. It will show strength in your objectivity and earn you a better reputation all because you know your self.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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