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After an event, such as a grand opening, a game, a promotion or even a milestone birthday party, it is always a good idea to do a post event recap to review what went well and what didn’t.

I am not (usually) a sports-metaphor person… but a Monday Morning Quarterback is a good analogy today. What happened in the game? How did we lose (even better, for a win – how did we win)? What can we do even better next time to make sure that we have success? Since we were so very close to the big game yesterday, I am kind of happy (sorry fans) that the local team lost. That meant they all packed up their tailgate and their team and got out of the stadium earlier than they would have after a win. Hit the showers, get a massage and watch the game footage for how the team could have lost by just 1 measly (apparently hard to get) touchdown. A 10-16 loss isn’t the worst, but the season is half over so what can they do to recover? And if you are the winning team, how can you ensure post season victory? Now is the time to learn, plan and make it happen.

During a grand opening of a business, you try to communicate your best of the best offerings to your potential customers and clients. If your kitchen failed to deliver meals as ordered, then assess how it needs to work differently? Did you give them a gift certificate to return on another night? Do you have the right staff, are the suppliers delivering what is needed and is it the right recipe or should you change something now before it is too late to get customers coming back time and time again?

The 90th birthday party – from my perspective – was a huge success. He had fun, there was more than enough food and drink, the kids had fun and we have pictures to prove it!  No one got hurt (seriously) on the trampoline, the dog didn’t escape in spite of dozens of people coming and going, the cake didn’t fall on the ground (I was a bit worried about that one) and everyone was home safe at the end of the evening.  How could we have done it better? Not sure that there was anything we could have done (maybe rented tents with people to set up and take down…) Even the weather, which is not within your control, for a November birthday wasn’t too cold and the propane patio heaters were amazingly toasty. We can do it again…next year? Or maybe for someone else’s milestone day (or a wedding even?)

Whatever the event, the reason, or the season it is a good thing to step back, review what happened and tweak it – for many things, you won’t get another chance for that exact event (aka 90th birthdays, wedding days or grand openings) but the next time you have to do it – make it even better and enjoy your success, standing on the shoulders of your failings.

Stronger and more profitable or better because of the post event recap. By the way – you can ask others what they thought – they are usually more objective – sometimes more critical – but helpful for you to learn.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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