Seek and Find

So, we debated today, how we go online to seek and find answers to questions.

Going online, on a mobile device, however, today, will result in lower, “high quality” returns than being on a desktop search engine.

Sites need to be mobile friendly, and even more so, mobile optimized. So, if you are a site that sells stuff, or sells ads to people who search for answers to their burning questions…you are going to be found. That legacy site with documented research…maybe less so.


The problem is, for those who are genuinely curious and want to learn something, they better do it on a real, honest to goodness computer. The seek and find process on the Internet is probably a losing proposition more often than not, if you are restricted to just being on a mobile device. Sorry, but at least today, that is how it is. Maybe, some day – in the future – this will change and it will be better for all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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