Do I Know You

If you get an e-mail, a phone call or a LinkedIn connection from someone whose name does not (immediately) ring a bell, you may wonder “do I know you?” before you answer.

Of course, you don’t “have” to know them, but you want to know how you are connected.

  • Should I open the e-mail (maybe) and click the link (probably not.)
  • Should I answer the phone? Perhaps – depends on whether or not you want to be offered an extended warranty – even when you might be only 16 and don’t (yet) own a car.
  • Should I connect with this person on LinkedIn or any other channel of social media. Not sure about that. Totally depends.

It isn’t easy to disconnect on some of the channels, but might not do you harm. Others out there, might be a little too close and personal for everyone’s preference.

On the other hand, when you follow the person with the famous name, whether on Insta, Reddit or TikTok – they may, indeed not even bother to ask “do I know you?” because they know the answer. It is no, they don’t, but they still appreciate the follow, the like and the heart on their post. We are not famous, we need to follow better practices and yes, you should know this.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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