Game Face

I guess I forgot to tell them to put on their game face when I took the 3 kids to test drive the car we have been waiting for all month.

We love the color. We like the features. We are okay with the price.

We just weren’t quite sure that the kids would all fit.

We are stepping down from a minivan. Not because I have a stigma against it, but because they get terrible gas mileage and it is just bigger than we need. When you have 3 kids in car seats, there aren’t a lot of options.

Now a five passenger car, I mean, cross-over, will do – I think.

Of course, someone recommended one more looksee at a 7 passenger SUV.

Just enough doubt to make me think. Hmm. Yes, I guess we should look before we commit to a new, new car.

This time kids, I think you are going to like it even better…so we are going to have to do some tough negotiating to make it work. This one is more expensive, not enough for “college tuition” but a lot, yes, definitely more.

Yes, it is available to drive away today, but we can’t be saying things like:

  • “Yup this is the one.”
  • “Hope you brought a lot of cash mom, this is perfect.”
  • “Wow, that was awesome! Can we take it home tonight?”
  • “No, I didn’t feel squished at all.”

This means – hello? Are you listening? Put on your game face! Otherwise, we are buying the other one. (But, really, they don’t really care… they have no idea. They just like the idea of the new car.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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