Second Time

Sometimes, it takes a second time visiting a place to really see it.

  • To see beyond the initial wonder and awe of amazement.
  • To better understand the people who live their and their culture.
  • To view the landscape at a different time of year, in a different season.
  • To tour another city, or more cities and other areas of the island.
  • To try more varieties of foods.
  • To buy that dress you thought you might only wear once, but now you think it would probably be more often. (Just kidding…I am not longing for it, but I’d consider it more carefully next time.)
  • To bring back more memories, of relaxing spaces and perhaps a few more day’s time.

Maybe, just maybe it will be worth visiting a second time, but when there are so many places you want to go in your life wouldn’t it be better to try some place new? Plus, the pictures you took, the memories you made are all fresh and clear and allow you to relive it, remember it and enjoy it all over again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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