Second Hand

Today, there are a lot of things that just break – even before we were done with them. You can barely get a good first use out of them, let alone second hand value.

People have come to understand this. You know, for the most part it is the appliances. The

  • coffee maker.
  • washing machine.
  • crock pot (especially after This Is Us).
  • range and oven combo.

In this case, they just are not build to last. But, there are other things too…The

  • cell phone.
  • laptop.
  • tablet.
  • smart watch / exercise tracker.

Even kids don’t want them after you have let them live out their useful life. The software advances outstrip their functionality in less than a year or two even if the hardware and batteries still work fine.

So, the things we want to have and keep, to pass on are the ones we can’t. Sadly the second hand info that is offered, is often taken as truth, logical and fair…even it has no value. Besides, anything you have to whisper, probably shouldn’t be said in the first place.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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