Save or Savor

Do you save or savor things?

Wait to enjoy them or just keep them safe for a rainy day?

Our kids are lucky enough to receive countless gift cards for holidays, special events and birthdays. We just emptied out a Chick Fil A card…using up the last $4.21 from two years ago.

(Not today of course, it’s Sunday.)

Yesterday, after finishing the SATs, she had a special request that I couldn’t refuse for milkshakes and fries. Everyone won, I think. Of course, the restaurant did…we spent far more than $4.21, and even more than the original 25 bucks on the card in this one drive-thru event.

Cleaning their rooms, emptying out gift bags that have been collecting dust – or just stashed away in their secret hiding spot…it turns out that Spring Cleaning has more of a bonus whether you save or savor the gifts, or do both…it is well worth the thought and very much appreciated again, even months (or years) later.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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