Santa Baby

Remember when everyone got all up in arms about that song? Well, Santa Baby has nothin’ on SantaCon.

In New York City today, from train station to street to avenue – everywhere you turned there were young adults (of age – we think) dressed in lets just say “festive” outfits.

Whether it was Santa, elves, reindeer (all 9 of them sometimes,) and what some might call Ms Santa, most of them were more like misses.

Moms and dads everywhere hoping their young adult isn’t a part of this.

I think, in the years since Eartha Kitt sang the sexiest, controversial song, this year, Santa Baby might have just met it’s match. Of course, it took the largest Christmas themed pub crawl I’ve ever seen. (I hear it’s bigger on the west coast, so maybe the competition here in NYC isn’t even close.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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