Soon Enough

For some, Christmas can’t come soon enough.

There are some of us who need more time. More time is warranted, because we still have ten more days and we are just not yet…

  • ready.
  • done shopping.
  • finished with school work.
  • completed exams.
  • wrapping up end of year projects. (Ha! you thought it was presents…refer back to number 2!)
  • decorated in the house (yes, the inside still needs some time – but the outside is done, whew!)
  • in a creative enough mood to select images so we can send cards.

Time passes no matter what. Let’s not rush things okay?

Christmas will be here soon enough but then, it will all be over. Hopefully, it will take longer than the prep:eat ratio of Thanksgiving where the average dinner takes an entire day or two to prepare but just under 45 minutes to serve and eat. I’d like to have some time to savor this holiday. I am in absolutely no rush. I hope you are not either.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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